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Week 1 | Memento, a photo zine

For this week, I decided I wanted to put together a photo book/zine of some kind. It's something I've long wanted to do, but in typical me fashion, I would often over think it. Even though it's the first one I would have ever put together, it needed to be perfect. It's a common trap I fall into—you'll learn as the weeks go on. But, that's a big part of why I wanted to start this 52 weeks of creation challenge. I want to get re-acquainted with the idea of shipping early, often and incomplete. Forget perfection, forget a bar being set so high it's unattainable. Embrace the chaos, the rough edges and build the habit of putting something out. I can always refine it another week if I feel whatever I publish needs it.

And so, with that thinking, I decided to put together a short zine from my trip to Japan in 2018. It's a trip I reflect on often and it's become something I think about when I need to remind myself that my life hasn't been all that bad or boring. I recognize the privilege that comes with that sentence, believe me. But brains are funny that way. It's much easier to stick on the negative than all these amazing positives. This trip becomes a way for me to reflect with gratitude, and look at my current situations with a lighter heart and mind.

There isn't really a theme to the book outside of "my trip to Japan," and maybe some themes of juxtaposition between modern and traditional culture in Japan. This zine is really a collection of compositions I took with my phone and camera that I thought looked great at the time, and remind me of what walking around Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto was like. I hope in some small way, it gives you a sense of what walking around those areas is like, too.

While I did print an incredibly small 15 zine run, I won't be making it physically available unless you're someone that I happen to meet in person, and I still have copies of it. I'm mostly reversing it for friends and family who might want a copy. So, it's likely that it'll stay digital in it's current form. Who knows, if I get the chance to go back to Japan, I might make a larger run of Memento Vol 2. Starts day dreaming of making photos of Japan on film.

I do hope to make a few more zines over these next weeks. I have some longer term projects I've been wanting to put together but have had false start problems with—thanks perfectionism. Hopefully having put my first one together will remove the anxiety and just let me do it. If I could throw this together in a few days and be somewhat satisfied with it, I'm sure a longer project is very much within my grasp. Don't hold me to it, but I'd like to make an accompanying video series of whatever those longer form projects is to document the process. I think it would be an interesting watch, especially if you're a photographer who wants to see what putting together a zine might be like.

View the web PDF of the Zine (hosted on Mega.nz): https://mega.nz/file/GgYS0RaL#yXZGRQWUBVK7AOh4tA8KULwAUZsjV4n7CGVi-u5vzCo