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Week 12 | Ravings and rantings

Whoa, two creations back to back?

I know I'm going to be busy this week—the next few weeks, really—so I carved out some time early to just let something rip!

I was feeling inspired to talk about how I've been feeling about inbound communication, and dealing with that anxiety. It also touches on me struggling to sit with discomfort again. There aren't any solutions in there. It's really just a dump of what I've been thinking about.

Something tells me I wrote this because I didn't have a therapy session this week, nor have I made time to journal in the morning the last 2 days, so you're getting a personal diatribe against myself. I decided to share it with the world just to be a bit more vulnerable on here. You're welcome and I'm sorry?

You can read it here: https://alexcaza.com/personal/i-suck-at-inbound