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Week 16 | Book notes

I'm a pretty voracious highlighter when it comes to non-fiction. Especially when I'm reading books digitally. In fact, highlighting sections of books is my KPI for whether or not I'll stick with reading a book.

Despite this heavy appetite for highlighting, I'm still pretty bad at going back to review those highlights. I use Readwise to sync my highlights, and use their daily review pretty consistently. However, I don't find the knowledge sinks in quite enough, and it's not as accessible for me to find as I'd like it to be.

I've heard of Commonplace Books before, and I've tried to start one using Evernote a few years ago, but it never stuck. The upkeep wasn't worth it at the time for me. I didn't see how I could get the most value out of building and maintaining one at the time. The deeper I go into product, and trying to help build a team around it, the more I feel the need to do it. I also have a book idea I'm working on, and centralizing my research to a Commonplace Book of sorts feels like the right step.

Since I already have my life managed with it, I decided I'd use Notion to setup my Commonplace Book. Since Readwise offers a solid export/integration, it seems like a no-brainer combo. And, it's been working pretty well so far. I still have kinks to work out, but maybe once I get something setup I'll write a post about it.

Ok, so, what does all of this have to do with my weekly creation? Well, I thought I'd make part of my synthesis process public. Heavily inspired by Derek Sivers', I created a new section to hold my takeaways, highlights and interpretations of the books I've read and loved. I don't know how often it'll be updated, but seeing as I'm actively researching for a book idea, it may fill up fairly quickly! I'm not a fast reader, and I plan on taking my time with this process, so quickly might still be pretty slow.

You can check it out here: https://alexcaza.com/book-notes.