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Week 2 | A Poem

I'm a little late posting this week, even though it's been sitting ready since Saturday. It's just been a surprisingly difficult week mentally, so balancing work, home and hobbies has been a challenge. The brain juices have been being exhausted fairly quickly in the week.

I've been slowly reading a book of zen poetry by the hermit-monk Ryokan called One Robe, One Bowl. It's short, light but still deep and filled with amazing knowledge.

Poetry isn't something I really grew up with. It's a medium I never really understood. The Tao Te Jing was kind of my first exposure to it and I felt compelled to read some more poetry with the lens of Zen and Taoism. I haven't been disappointed so far. I'm sure the poem is going to be contrived and simplistic—like I said, it's a medium I've never really explored—but for the sake of the 52 weeks project, it's kind of the perfect thing for me to do. It's pushing my boundaries.

It's a simple Haiku. It felt like the easiest entry way to writing a poem.


You are seeking things

Yet life requires passive gaze

To obtain freedom

I'm not sure how much more poetry I'll write in my life. I enjoyed the process but I think I needed an outlet in the moment, and a Haiku felt fitting to try and describe my feelings in terse way. That alone was a fun challenge. So, who knows, maybe it'll grab me again in the future.