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Week 26 | A Bit Of A Cheat

I'm taking a cheat's week this week. I don't have anything to show quite yet, which kind of breaks the rules a little bit. But I also made up the rules, so, I'm going to stretch them a little bit this week.

Today marks the 338 day streak of doing some sort of physical exercise every day. And within those 338 days, are 3 months of 3–5 day 40 minute work out sessions. This marks a pretty big step in my life. I've always been someone that's struggled with maintaining good physical shape. My weight has bounced around, from 310lbs at my biggest, to 180lbs at my lowest. It's rare that I've also maintained such a consistent physical regimen. Outside of when I had to commute and would get around 8–9k steps a day, It would always be a challenge to find something I loved doing. For the first time in my life, I think I've found it.

It started with kettlebell exercises. I was following the Simple and Sinister routine for about 2 months, but noticed that it wasn't doing enough for my back. It felt like I was developing muscular imbalances, and was worsening my upper-cross syndrome instead of repairing it. Maybe my form wasn't excellent during my swings or my get-ups, and I was compensating too much. However, switching over to a calisthenics routine, I've definitely noticed my anterior chain is much more developed than my posterior. That was causing a whole bunch of discomfort during the day. Considering I spend most of my time sitting, I wasn't lengthening my back muscles enough, which just furthered the contraction of my abs. I could feel my neck getting tired, my breathing wasn't as deep. It was like my front was being trash compacted.

I started incorporating some back work a few weeks ago, and noticed a slight rebalancing, but it didn't feel like it was enough. This week was my first full week of the /r/bodyweightfitness recommended routine in years, and I can already tell a difference. I'm able to stand longer, my pelvic tilt is getting easier to counter-act, my shoulders can roll back more easily, and my glutes are much more supportive of my body. It feels miraculous.

I've setup a goal for myself, in hopes of keeping me motivated on the days I don't want to work out—which thankfully I've been able to push through thus-far. That goal is being able to do a front-lever. I'm not aiming low, since its a pretty intense, full-body endeavour. But, what's the fun in shooting too low?

So, for this weeks "creation" I'm submitting my progress in fitness. It's not "done", or "final," by any means. Nor is it really something you can look at yet. For now, it's mostly the words written in this entry. Which is also a win for me in and of itself. I'm satisfied with this being my weekly creation, and since the only person that needs to be happy with the output is me, I can sleep happy. New leafs turned and all that.

I'm also cheating this week because we've had a fairly demanding week at work. We're prepping for a soft-launch of v2, and as always, there have been a lot of last minute fires to put out. Which has left me a little less creatively energetic in the evenings and weekends. On top of that, friend groups and family groups are starting to socialize more, which is a demanding part of life I almost forgot about. It's been a wonderful demand, though. I can feel the humanity slipping back into place in my spirit.