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Week 27 | A Look At Thinking

For this week, I'm publishing a personal essay on my thinking about thinking. It's something my therapist says I'm too good at doing, and should probably stop. Mostly because I end up stuck in loops of self-improvement related to how I'm thinking and what I'm feeling, instead of accepting what is.

The essay looks at the 3 main reactions to thought that I've been able to unpack. At least for myself. In the essay, I go into some detail about what each reaction feels like, and how I've gotten better at noticing which reaction I'm in.

I don't have any magic tricks to fully harness each reaction, and I don't expect I ever will. Most of it has to do with the mindset that I'm in. It also has to do with the loops of self-improvement I've mentioned. When I'm rushing to move to the next think, it's almost as if I'm looking for something for forcibly break the cycle and jump into another loop.

My expectations for this as about as low, if not lower, than anything else I've created during this series. I wrote this because I wanted to unpack what I've been thinking about, and have a place to refer back to it. If it's helpful, that's fantastic. If it seems like the ravings of a lunatic, that's fine, too. Either way, I hope it's at least a little enlightening or entertaining in some way.

You can read the essay here: https://alexcaza.com/personal/3-reactions-to-thought