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Week 5 | Getting back into music

I haven't spent much time in the evenings on personal things outside of relaxing & recovering, playing Stardew Valley, cooking and trying to enjoy time with my partner & cat. Which means most of my personal creation time has been relegated to the weekends. That's not a bad thing. I quite enjoy being able to have a full day dedicated to creation vs spreading it out over multiple days. That burst of creative focus can be really rewarding.

For this week I spent a few hours on Saturday playing around with music production and regaining my "sea-legs" with making beats. I ended up making a sort of airy house thing which I enjoyed enough to upload to SoundCloud but it's not anyting astonishing. It's fairly one dimensional, and it shows how much more I need to learn about a lot of aspects in music making. From better arrangment, sound selection and layering to mixing, mastering and general creativity in putting something together.

One thing this 52 week challenge doesn't really promote is going deep on a topic, but that's also how my brain is right now. I'm having a hard time sticking with a single thing I want to build, iterate on and get better at. Outside of learning to become a great product thinker and leader in my day-to-day, I don't have a domain I want to get sucked into yet. I think I'm looking for my next coffee industry level of pull. We'll see where 2022 takes me. I'm exciting to fall in love with something to go deep on, and I'm even more excited to learn what path that'll be.

Here's a link to the song on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/alexcaza/dreamy-house-2022-02-05-rough