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Week 7 | Practicing my writing

I orignally wanted to write about how I've been falling into setting up shortcuts and automations on iPadOS and iOS, but I haven't really gone far enough down the rabbit hole yet. Maybe next week! So, instead, I wrote about how I've setup Notion to manage my life. I've tried so many tools and methodologies in the past, but they always lacked something. Now that Notion has gotten a bit faster, and I have a shortcut setup to quickly add a new task without even having to open the app, I took the time to set somethign up I'm super happy with.

You can read the post here: https://alexcaza.com/personal/simplicity-in-life-management.

I've always enjoyed writing. Even if I'm not amazing at it. There's something rewarding about trying to synthesize your ideas in a way that others will hopefully understand. It's also great practice for work. Written communication is paramount to the success of product in a lot of ways. Clarity is the most important thing when you're trying to align stakeholders, engineers and designers to execute.

The part of writing I've never had love for is editing. I'm a terrible editor. Much worse than I am a writer, which isn't exactly the highest bar. I find editing boring. I also find it demoralizing. What do you mean I have to go back over what I wrote? All it does it highlight how shitty I am! Maybe I'll skip that part... It's a mindset I want to get over because it's probably the most important part of the writing process! It's where ideas solidify, clarity gets forged and self-expression gets lifted up. It's the the skill I need to work on most. To help with this process, I've started reading "On Writing Well", which is a fantastic book! I highly recommend it if you're wanting to learn how to cut the fluff of your writing without losing your soul.

I'm often told I'm incredibly good at explaining things when speaking. I want to get better at bringing that ability to the written version of me. So, I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to be articles that are written for this 52 weeks project.

I think I'm falling in love with writing again.