EVNTR: A Photobooth Software for Canon Cameras

I was recently asked to act as a photobooth operator for a family event. As someone who has never really been fond of being the photographer »

Speed up by slowing down.

The art of perpetual meditation. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A little background One of the biggest themes that always seems to emerge while studying what makes »

Re-evaluating my life

by rambling away on the internet. I found an essay this Friday written by Paul Graham while browsing Hacker News that really put some things into »

Pandas and You.

Panda The Chrome extension you should be using Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Panda in any way, I don't know the creators, I'm just in »

Enable Netflix on Ubuntu!

If you'd like to skip the intro, click me! I just recently moved over to ElementaryOS on my desktop as my main OS and left Windows »