EVNTR: A Photobooth Software for Canon Cameras

I was recently asked to act as a photobooth operator for a family event. As someone who has never really been fond of being the photographer for family events, I wanted to find a way to use my programming skills to automate the process for me. That's when the idea for EVNTR came to me. A simple, easy to use photobooth that the attendees can use while I get my drink on. They walk up, see a preview of themselves, get into position or come up with their radically silly idea, hit spacebar and boom, photo taken. They then enter their email address so that I can send them their photo when I get home. Sounds simple enough! Now, to crank this out in two weeks while balancing my other responsibilities. Oh, right, I don't really know C#, this'll be fun!

I'm happy to say, that I got an MVP done in time for the event. It's hacky, cobbled together and doesn't really follow any standards or patterns. There's no MVVM, no breaking the logic into separate classes, hell, it's not even that DRY. All the logic is in the code-behind for the single window that runs the entire operation. But, it works for the most part!

I have plans to continue to maintain this software when I can, especially if the event goes well and people show interest in the product. I'd love to convert this into an MVVM compliant app. I'd also like to be able to send an email on location, directly to the user, after the photo has been taken. Eliminating another step in the process for myself.

Any person reading this article is free to download it and run it themselves, you may use this for events or other commercial purposes, I have no issue with it. I would however greatly appreciate you using the EVNTR name in your marketing efforts. If they inquire about the software, please point them to the GitHub page, my site, or this article. If you've made any changes to the code and added features to the software, you may claim it as your own.

Please feel free to fork the GitHub repo, make changes, improve it. I'd love to see what more talented devs can come up with for software like this! I'd also love feedback in general. I'd love to improve my C# skills and what better way than to have a group of your peers tear your work to pieces.