My book notes

A collections of my notes, thoughts and highlights from various books I've read. Books in this list will be books that I've finished and that have influenced the way I think in some way. Consider any book that's on this list, a book that I would recommend someone else to read.

On Writing Well by William Zinsser

Date read: 2022-04-21 | My rating: 10/10

William Zinsser does an amazing job of inspiring you to write and gives you an array of tools and mental models to choose from while doing it. This book showed me that writing is like programming. Your first pass is to get it working, the second pass is to make it clearer, and the third pass is to make it easier to process. Caveat: I mostly read the non-fiction sections of this book.

Spelunky by Derek Yu

Date read: 2022-03-27 | My rating: 9/10

A wonderful first-person recounting of building an indie game. Derek fills the pages with wisdom that spans beyond game design; wisdom that can absolutely be applied to any endeavour where you're going from 0 -> 1.