My human changelog

I've decided to track my life like a series of software updates. It's my human changelog.


Published on 2020-04-04

My key take away for this month was: there is safety in surrender.

I joined as a partner in March. Getting up to speed has been an interesting shift in mindset/habits. Having worked in pure tech for most of my career, moving to e-commerce has been a huge shift. Lots of new stuff to learn, lots of new stuff to try & optimize. Thinking in margins/revenue tied to physical goods & processes is very, very different from software.

I've noticed it's easy for me to get caught up trying to fix, scale, and change things before I've lived with them long enough to fully understand them. So, I'm doing my best to take things slow, be a sponge, and wait to shift mindsets to growth until after the initial slow period of understanding. It's wild to think how far I've come mentally since January, where everything seemed so bleak and impossible. It feels great to have my mindset shift towards optimism again. I feel myself coming back to an equilibrium.


  1. Building in practices to let go and surrender to life
  2. Baking as a regenerative hobby
  3. Leaving work at work


  1. Looking for more instead of looking at now
  2. Living in the future, not the present
  3. Tying self-worth to work
  4. Grasping for control

Bug Fixes

  1. Letting work be the only thing on my mind
  2. Finding regenerative hobbies outside of work skill set


Published on 2020-02-25

My key take away for this month was: recovering from burnout is a lengthy process.

I spent most of the month dealing with my anxiety and depression. It led me to really self-reflect and analyze what I want to spend my life focusing on. Thankfully, I had just enough savings left to give myself space before diving back into work. Through this process I've laid out an ideal balance I'd like to find, and I think an opportunity with that right balance is available to me starting in March.


  1. Deeper understanding of what I need to feel fulfilled
  2. Better able to identify & quell anxiety before it's a problem


  1. Tying self-worth to work
  2. Grasping for control

Bug Fixes

  1. General directionlessness
  2. Worst panic attacks of my life


Published on 2020-01-31

The main take away from this month was to be kind to yourself.

After 3 1/2 years working on Firstbloom, I finally called it quits. It wasn't an easy decision but I was running myself into the ground. Had I pushed forward and continued, I think I would've ended up hospitalized. This situation has forced me to take a good look at what I need in a personal & professional context to thrive.


  1. Started therapy
  2. Learned my limits/boundaries


  1. Worst panic attacks of my life
  2. Anxiety / depression
  3. General directionlessness

Bug Fixes

  1. Removal of problematic situations / entity