Hey, I'm Alex

An infinite tinkerer, creator, and learner who loves turning ideas into reality. I have close to a decade of experience creating products on the web—mostly on the programming side.

If you're curious about what I'm up to now, you can checkout my "Now" page, or take a look at my "Human Changelog".

A short history

I'm currently Founding Product Engineer @ Fluent, which is an amazing way to fill in the word-gaps of the language you're learning while browing the web. We're building a future where learning a language is integrated into your daily routines, not something you need to go out of your way to practice.

My last experiment was as technical Co-Founder of Firstbloom, where I spent 3 years on a mission to make specialty coffee more accessible. I learned an incredible amount about fundraising, product management, leadership and being a truly user centred company.

Before venturing off on my own, I worked at Sportlogiq for 2 1/2 years as a senior front-end engineer. Being one of the first 15 employees I was able to help shape & build their core product which generated 10s of millions in revenue.

Prior to that I worked for an influencer marketplace called Koodzo, mostly as a front-end engineer, but also as a product manager and user researcher. Most of my experience before that was as a freelancer/contractor for various small businesses.

What's on my mind

After a pretty bad burnout I've been hyper focused on reconnecting with the ideas of leisure, self-care and how to balance that with building businesses.

Below are some products I've been using to help me reconnect with myself: