Hey, I'm Alex

A product obsessed CEO and founder trying to make specialty coffee accessible through Firstbloom.

Before venturing off on my own, I worked for Sportlogiq as a senior front-end engineer. Being one of the first 15 employees I was able to help shape the culture and first products of the company.

What's on my mind

Aside from coffee and product, I’ve been thinking about how information asymmetry, systems design, habit building and self discovery connect with one another to create powerful and transformative people and businesses.

Below are some apps that I think are doing great things using some of these ideas:

  1. Todoist - A snappy, well thought out app that makes tracking what needs to be done a breeze
  2. Nike Run Club - An engaging way to get you out the door and running
  3. Pillow - Automatic sleep tracking to help you analyze your trends and patterns

Wanna chat?

Hit me up on Twitter: @alexcaza