Hey, I'm Alex

An infinite tinkerer, creator, and learner who loves turning ideas into reality. I have over a decade of experience creating products on the web—mostly on the programming side.

If you're curious about what I'm up to now, you can checkout my "Now" page.

A short history

I've got ~15 years of experience building for the web, primarily working on consumer products.

Lately, I've been focused on working with teams to scale their product processes, become user centered, and help engineers grow.

I'm currently a Senior Product Engineer @ Unsplash, which is one of the largest free stock photo websites in the world.

My previous experiences include Founding Product Engineer @ Fluent, Co-founder/CEO of Firstbloom (whose data I open-sourced), and Senior Front-end & Team lead @ Sportlogiq.

If you're curious about my full history, take a peek at my resume.

What's on my mind

After a pretty bad burnout I've been hyper focused on reconnecting with the ideas of leisure, self-care and how to balance that with building businesses.

Below are some products & rituals I've been using to help me reconnect with myself: