Hey, I'm Alex

An infinite tinkerer, creator, and learner who loves turning ideas into reality. I have close to a decade of experience creating products on the web—mostly on the programming side.

I'm currently helping grow Cafune, where our mission is to get coffee lovers to Brew Beautifully.

I'm an introvert who's happiest when deep in flow: creating, learning or walking in nature, and I'm actively trying to fit more of that into my life. If you're curious about what I'm doing now, you can check out my "Now" page.

A short history

My last experiment was as technical Co-Founder of Firstbloom, where I spent 3 years on a mission to make specialty coffee more accessible. I learned an incredible amount about fundraising, product management, leadership and being a truly user centred company.

Before venturing off on my own, I worked at Sportlogiq for 2 1/2 years as a senior front-end engineer. Being one of the first 15 employees I was able to help shape & build their core product which generated 10s of millions in revenue.

Prior to that I worked for an influencer marketplace called Koodzo, mostly as a front-end engineer, but also as a product manager and user researcher. Most of my experience before that was as a freelancer/contractor for various small businesses.

What's on my mind

After a pretty bad burnout I've been hyper focused on reconnecting with the ideas of leisure, self-care and how to balance that with building businesses.

Below are some products I've been using to help me reconnect with myself:

  1. Calm - Not only are the meditations great, their sleep sounds are wonderful to help quiet the mind
  2. Nike Run Club - An engaging way to get you out the door and running
  3. Pillow - Automatic sleep tracking to help you analyze your trends and patterns
  4. Pen & Paper - Journaling daily by putting pen to paper has been incredibly cathartic

Wanna chat?

Hit me up on Twitter: @alexcaza