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This page was last updated March 08, 2023 from Montreal, Canada.

My human changelog

A friend sent me a TikTok of someone thinking of their age as software versions. Loving this comparison, and immediately wanting to run away with it, I decided it would be fun to keep a document my version changes, a.k.a. a changelog.

I decided I'd make it public because I think it would be a fun way to capture where I'm at in life. At the end of each month, I'll add a short entry summarizing the changes I've experienced.

The versioning system is pretty straightforward. The Major version will be the decade, the Minor version will be the year, and the patch version will be the month.

For example, an entry for February on my 28th year of life would be v2.8.2.

If you're interested in following along, you can check it out here → My Human Changelog

Diet & Nutrition

I've long struggled with my relationship to food. I've done various diets, I've gained and lost weight many times throughout my life. The one thing I've yet to really figure out, is how to consistently feel good with what I'm eating. My mood in general has gotten far worse since the pandemic hit, and it seems to only be getting worse. I suspect there's an interplay with gut health.

My goal for 2023 is to really invest in figuring that out, and bringing in outside help instead of trying to do it alone.

Reconnecting with photography

After YouTube sent me down the film photography rabbit hole, I got my parent's old 35mm cameras and went all-in. Having shot on digital since I was 13, it's been a wonderful change.

The slow, imperfect and physical nature of it all really spoke to me. Much like how manual pour overs and pulling espresso shots require focused attention, so does film photography.

You can check out some of my work on Instagram → @graingiant.

I've also started posting my work to Unsplash → @alexcaza


I had gone bouldering a few times many, many years ago and greatly enjoyed it. For whatever reason, it never stuck. It wasn't until my brother-in-law fell deep into the rabbit hole, and couldn't shut up about it, that I tried it again. I've only been going once a week, but I'm hooked. It's a wonderful activity.

Home Automation

After moving to a slightly larger place, I've gone around and started adding smart accessories to various parts of my apartment. Mostly smart lights. I can safely say, I'm hooked and totally get the IoT hype. I'm currently using HomeKit (via Homebridge) but suspect I'll switch over to Home Assistant sometime soon.